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Founded in 1997 by Wesley Scott with over 30 years in the interior plantation shutter business, Indian River Shutter Company has shuttered homes and business through out Florida and the Caribbean, and shipped shutters across the United States and Europe. Our goal was to build a product line that would surpass that of our competition, and create a service like no other business in Florida. After 19 years of manufacturing plantation shutters and over 40 years in the window covering business Wes is confident the goal has been met. We are the first in the industry to set install dates at the time of purchase.

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The ongoing issue in the plantation shutter industry is competition, most of which is produced in China and Mexico. Our commitment to survive these challenges was to change our thinking. We invested in automation and educated ourselves on just in time manufacturing. The process has allowed us to become a leader in our industry and win against China by competing with products that are comparable in price but delivered faster, keeping jobs and economy in America.

The most important investment we have made is in the employees of Indian River Plantation Shutter Company. Our staff is dedicated to work as a team and partners with a profit sharing 401K program to do what ever it takes to continue to be leaders in the interior shutter industry. Our dedicated and trained installers will insure a proper installation that will allow you years of satisfaction. We are proud to bring you products Made in America and promise to work extra hard to insure you years of quality and service.

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Plantation Shutters In The Breakers Hotel Palm Beach

Our Just in time manufacturing and continual improvement programs put us in a league of our own! We proudly met every time line for the new room renovations for the Breakers Hotel installing over 800 windows with Indian River Plantation Shutters, three years in a row.

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Savoring The View

5 1/2 Louvers, like those shown to the left, provide a great view, while eliminating the suns glare! See the Light!
Most of us tend to think something on the window will block our million dollar views. If you have never experienced the ownership of a wide louver Indian River Plantation Shutter, the thought of the smaller 1-1/4 traditional louvered shutters might come to mind. Remembering back when you last saw or used the smaller louver, I am sure you will agree in order to view the out doors you had to have a way to open the whole shutter away from the window. Did you notice, even when the louvers were open the room appeared to be smaller?
If you want to keep the sun from fading everything in your home, keep a larger feel to your rooms, bring the out doors in, and still enjoy a practically clear view, try our 5-1/2 louver on 5 inch centers. This increases the view by all most 50% by decreasing the number of the typical 3-1/2 louvers. The 5-1/2 louver is a little more expensive but, if you can swing it you will be glad you did. A good alternative is the 4-1/2 usually the same price as the 3-1/2 and increasing the view by almost 30%.

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Indian River Shutter Invests In New Technology Ami, Apple, & Sherwin Williams

In January of 2010, Indian River Shutters decided, in order to reach the next level in the shutter industry, major systems had to be put in place. The decision was made to purchase all new Apple computers, a new computerized color spectrometer, and new software called AMI. All changes were completed the first week of March 2010. The software is designed by the Abstrax Corp. and is tailored to fit Indian River Shutter Companies Specs. AMI’s Sales Assistant is a powerful tool for selling custom shutters. As you select any combination of features with a few clicks, AMI instantly performs all the necessary calculations to display and price the shutter. Change a feature and AMI will instantly do it all again. There is no longer any need for estimates, hand calculations, or order validation. Based on our manufacturing rules and product offerings, AMI precisely determines every parameter such as louver spacing, constraints on shutter size and shape, and T-post requirements. AMI will not permit invalid selections, so invalid orders never reach manufacturing.

We are working hard to stay ahead of our competition. Implementing these improvements has increased our efficiency and is allowing us to continue to be the leader in our industry on the East Coast of Florida. Here are some images from the new AMI software.

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