Custom Shutters



Indian River Shutter Company’s custom window treatments, designer series, provide the greatest variety of optional features as well as the highest performance rating in the widest range of applications. More simply stated, wood works where other materials do not.

Our Designer Series Plantation Shutters are specifically crafted for interior designers and builders looking for a one of a kind which sets it apart from the typical plantation shutter in the industry. The Designer Plantation Shutter includes streamline styles with flush rails, which gives it more of a high-end appearance. Also available are custom choices of lumber including basswood, teak, cypress, mahogany, along with a variety of Designer Series Shutters.

Regardless of the species selected, wood is a prized material with unique characteristics and properties including: a high ratio of strength to weight, remarkable durability and a good insulation value against heat and sound. In addition, wood resists oxidation, acid, saltwater and other corrosive agents, has good shock resistance and most importantly can be repaired easily if damaged. Wood remains the number one choice for interior plantation shutters in the window covering industry.

Included in our production of custom window treatments are a variety of sizes and shapes, such as horizontal arches, fans, and octagons. In addition, French doors are more commonly covered with custom window treatments than any other on the market, as well as sliding glass doors or sliding patio doors. Architects and designers use Indian River Shutter Company for their custom plantation shutter needs to ensure their satisfaction and the satisfaction of their clients.

Timelines are not an issue at Indian River Shutter Company as we strive to meet any and all deadlines set forth by our customers. Whatever shape or size your opening requirements are, Indian River Shutters has 19 years of production experience to meet any of your design requirements.